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[Click on the title below to open an article]

  1. A New Message - (Jesus summons his disciples to proclaim the Good News of the kingdom of God in every inhabited corner of the earth) - {PDF Copy}
  2. Sovereign over the Earth - (Daniel demonstrates the absolute sovereignty of Yahweh over the course of history and nations) - {PDF Copy}
  3. The True Emperor - (The New Testament applies messianic promises in the Psalms to the present reign of Jesus who possesses all authority) - {PDF Copy}
  4. His Kingdom - (Jesus proclaims a new political reality, the Kingdom of God, and it bears little resemblance to the political systems of this world) - {PDF Copy}
  5. Jesus versus Caesar - (Christ’s submission to an unjust death on a cross stands in stark contrast to the political mechanisms and philosophies of this age) - {PDF Copy}
  6. True Power - (The power of God is revealed in the proclamation of a Messiah who was crucified by the world on Calvary) - {PDF Copy}
  7. Christendom - (‘Christendom’ is the attempt to invoke God and Jesus to validate national and political institutions, agendas, and ideologies) - {PDF Copy}
  8. Governing Authorities - (Paul instructs believers living in the Roman Empire not to resist the government since its existence and authority are arranged by God)- {PDF Copy}
  9. Whomever He Pleases - (According to Daniel, the God of Israel changes times and seasons, removes kings, and sets up kings)- {PDF Copy}
  10. A Theology of History - (Both Revelation and Daniel proclaim the absolute sovereignty of God over the course of history and the fate of nations) - {PDF Copy}
  11. For Every Nation and People - (The gospel of the kingdom announced by Jesus is a message of life for men and women of every nation and people) - {PDF Copy}