11 September 2022

Sovereign over the Earth

The book of Daniel demonstrates the absolute sovereignty of Yahweh over the course of history and nations.

History - Photo by Giammarco on Unsplash
The opening passage in the book of Daniel introduces its key theme: God reigns supreme over the kingdoms of the earth, whether just or unjust. This proposition is presented in explicit statements, and it is demonstrated by the accurate predictions that the prophet Daniel made to the rulers of Babylon and the “kingdom of the Medes and Persians.” - [Photo by Giammarco on Unsplash].

01 September 2022

State Idolatry

The “beast from the earth” mimics Jesus and creates a counterfeit of the true faith to deceive the inhabitants of the earth – Revelation 13:11-18

Roman Column - Photo by Thimo van Leeuwen on Unsplash
Regardless of form, the State employs language to associate it in the popular mind with dominant religious themes. But when it becomes totalitarian, it begins to substitute itself as the religion of the population. Ultimately, the ruler or the State itself becomes the nation’s object of worship, one that tolerates no rivals - [Photo by Thimo van Leeuwen on Unsplash].

30 July 2022


In Revelation, “all” men must choose between loyalty to the Beast from the sea or the sacrificial Lamb

Dollar - Photo by Adam on Unsplash
Discussions on the “mark of the Beast” often focus on the significance of its number, ‘666,’ We wish to understand it, and thereby avoid taking it. But to better appreciate the ramifications of taking its “mark,” it is imperative to see how Revelation contrasts the “mark of the beast” with the “seal of God.” - [
Photo by Adam on Unsplash].

07 July 2022

Lamb or Dragon

The “inhabitants of the earth” refuse to follow the “Lamb,” and instead, choose to give allegiance to the “Beast.” 

World Map - Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Revelation, there are no geographic restrictions on the reign of the “beast.” ALL the “inhabitants of the earth” take its “mark” and render homage to it. Not a single government resists the final incarnation of the “Ancient Serpent,” for it is granted “authority over every tribe, people, tongue and nation.” - [Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash].

04 July 2022

Embracing the Mark

The “inhabitants of the earth” willingly venerate the Beast and receive its mark, but Christians are not immune to its allurements

666 Photo by Master Wen on Unsplash
Discussions on the “
mark of the Beast” focus on questions about what it is - a medical implant, barcode, tattoo – and the significance of its “number,” ‘666.’ As important as these questions are, far more critical is the question: How is the mark implemented, and how does the believer avoid taking it or the “number of the Beast”? - [666 Photo by Master Wen on Unsplash].