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03 June 2023

Caesar's Devotees

The group called the inhabitants of the earth represents men who are omitted from the Book of Life because they give their allegiance to Caesar. In Revelation, the group labeled the “inhabitants of the earth” is unrelenting in its hostility to the “Lamb” and those who follow him “wherever he goes.” Its members even celebrate the violent deaths of his “Two Witnesses.” Unlike the “nations” and the “kings of the earth,” this group is beyond redemption, and the names of its members are excluded from the “Book of Life.”

12 May 2023

Satan's Sphere

Scripture teaches the followers of Jesus to live their lives as people who are “separated from the world.” Not physically, but morally and spiritually. They are “in the world but not of it,” and their task is to call other men and women to “save themselves from this crooked generation” before Jesus arrives and judges the world.

07 May 2023

Transitory Power

Despite human pretensions, history demonstrates the impermanence of political power and governments. Rome endured for a thousand years, but its empire fell all the same. Like life itself, political power is fleeting, and it often collapses quickly and unexpectedly when its allotted time expires. Only the reign and realm of God will last forever.

27 April 2023

The True Emperor

The New Testament applies messianic promises in the Psalms to the present reign of Jesus who possesses all authority. The Nazarene has reigned as sole sovereign over the earth since his death, resurrection, and ascension. Already he sits on the messianic throne of David. Because of his obedient death, God resurrected and installed him as the ruler over all things, including the nations of the earth.

25 April 2023

Your Rights vs His Cross

For disciples of Jesus, rage and violence are NOT appropriate reactions to hostility, though certainly, his instructions in this regard are contrary to the “wisdom of this age.” Angry responses by Christians to perceived violations of their political and individual “rights” only demonstrate how far many churches have strayed from his teachings.